How can I hire a maid in Bahrain ?

The traditional way of hiring a housemaid in Bahrain has always been to visit one of the manpower or domestic worker hiring offices in Bahrain. Here you will be given a folder of CV's to choose from and then you have to select one to bring in from their home country.

Typically each agency has a set of potential candidates and for you to view more CVs required you to visit all the agencies physically ! A time consuming and tiring process.

The other option has always been to hire a "free visa" housemaid. This is illegal and not recommended as there is no certainty over what the housemaid's history and background is like.


How do I know where to find the Agencies?

There are a number of Agencies across Bahrain. However, as answered above in order for you to assess all the potential housemaids you had to visit them all physically. A lot of these Agencies are in old areas such as Manama or in the Souk and difficult to locate. MaidinBahrain will address this issue.


How do I know the Agency is genuine?

We would reccomend that you check the authorised list of agencies with LMRA. This is the link: http://lmra.bh/portal/en/page/show/318. We vet each Bahraini agency before release online.


How much does it cost to sign up?

MaidinBahrain is a free service for Agencies, Housemaids and Users !


What does overseas hire mean?

It is possible for you to hire a housemaid directly from their home country. If you would like to do this, you will still however need a local Bahrain based agency to process the necessary paperwork and bring the house maid.


What does local transfer mean?

Some housemaids have finished their contract or returned to the agency. They may have valid visas in Bahrain and transferred locally. This saves time but not necessarily any money. 


What if I have another question?

Please send an email to info@maidinbahrain.com and we will answer and put the response here.